Motor Neurone Disease, ALS Diagnosis & Treatment in India.

“Thirty years ago I was diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease, and given two and a half years to live, during 76 years of life span I have always wondered how they could be so precise about the half”-
Stephen Hawking

ALS or MND remains a terminal diagnosis without any effective treatment in conventional medicine. While advances in research have been remarkable for the last 25 years- and are acknowledged to be the best way to fight back against the Beast.

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    Why consider us for treating Motor Neurone Disease or ALS ?

    On a journey toward finding a cure, we are working closely with different miracles of science and technology and doing so with a sense of urgency on behalf of all people around the globe currently fighting Motor Neurone Disease. Recent scientific advances can explore mechanisms contributing to the progression of degenerative neuronal diseases and this has substantially increased the likelihood of an acceleration in the development of a cure for MND.

    What is Motor Neuron Disease? Can it be cured?

    Motor neuron disease, also commonly known as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is a group of degenerative neuronal ailments, characterized by progressive degeneration of motor neurons. Due to progressive functional loss of brain cells, an individual with ALS or MND can steadily lose control over all the activities involving voluntary as well as involuntary muscular movements. ALS or MND is incurable with conventional medicine, however recently many alternative therapies have confirmed great improvements in symptomatic disease management along with increased life expectancy.

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    What are the advantages of undergoing alternative treatment for Motor Neurone Disease?

    • Increased survival functions with an average of 90 months
    • Immediate symptomatic relief like better muscular control, improved speech, less drooling, etc.
    • Good psychosocial mental status
    • Better balance and coordination in hands and feet
    • Better functional brain improvements.
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    Successful MND Treatment Patient Review

    • Easy accessibility to the lab, scientific team and concierge team
    • Well-equipped lab, quality compliant procedures, and experts on panel
    • Well drafted protocols, which are discussed in detail along with the scientific basis
    • 24/7 virtual assistance during and post treatment
    • Many patients have reported immediate feel-good effect
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    Alternative Treatment for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis(ALS)

    With our years of research and technical expertise, we offer a range of alternative treatment programs that are made personalized as per an individual’s body demand, like type of ALS or MND. Studies have indicated that cellular communication is propagated through exosomes which are referred to as a particular language understood by cells. In the case of ALS or MND; if coded in different forms can have a positive impact on lost and/or degenerative neurons. We are also offering supportive treatments that have reported good improvements in various clinical studies like

    Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

    It provides a higher concentration of oxygen delivered in a chamber with higher atmospheric pressure.


    It helps people with MND to help in maintain the movements and functions that are achieved through exercises.

    Occupational Therapy

    It effectively helps children to work on physical, motor and cognitive skills.

    Speech pathology

    It addresses challenges with language and communication. It helps children with autism to improve verbal

    Psychological counseling

    It aims at shaping behavioural issues using classic and/or instrumental conditioning.

    Nutritional Management

    Managing diet is important for MND patients as it can help in reducing adverse events of MND


    Medicine can show survival benefits in people suffering from MND

    Heart Care Services

    To manage patients with chronic neurological disorders like MND.

    Here is How Real People found a Solution for their MND

    Jorge was diagnosed with ALS at the age of 60. ALS made it hard for him to continue with his work as he faced issues in breathing. The symptoms included reduced muscle mass, irregular sleep, and fatigue that impacted his overall quality of living. After the treatment, his current health condition seems to be stable and improved. There were slight improvements in breathing, muscle strength and hand movement.

    Mr Jorge, 60 years old from Portugal

    Mr Rehman began to have speech problems at the age of 60 and started to lose muscle strength. He was diagnosed with ALS. His condition progressively deteriorated as he lost the capacity to eat, swallow, and perform basic motor activities. He then decided to undergo alternative treatment for ALS. Post-treatment, tremendous improvement was observed in his condition, his muscle strength improved, and speech problems were halted.

    Mr Rehman, 60 years old from Oslo, Norway

    I began to feel out of breath and had trouble walking. I was diagnosed with Motor Neuron Disease after a visit to the doctor and an array of tests. My health began to decline gradually. I came across an alternative treatment for MND. I didn’t face any difficulty during the process. My condition is better than before, I’m able to breathe and speak properly, and my muscle strength is quite better now.

    Mr Hola, 34 years old from Bengaluru, India

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Life expectancy depends upon several factors like age, family history, other co-morbidities, age of diagnosis, etc. On a general note, epidemiological studies have reported life expectancy of people suffering from Motor Neuron Disease is between 3 to 4 years, post-onset of ALS or MND. However, with the advent of alternative treatment possibilities, it is now possible to extend the survival limit with symptomatic relief in pain management, better bowel and bladder control, better control over mood swings, irritability, etc.
    ALS or MND is broadly classified based on symptomatic severity, which should be noted as early stage, middle stage, and later stage of MND. In the early stage of the disease, a person can only experience muscle weakness, shortness of breath, slurry speech, clumsiness, etc. During the middle stage of symptomatic ALD/MND, a person will report difficulty in moving, joint pain, uncontrollable yawning, breathing difficulty, etc. While in the advanced stage a person needs supportive assistance in all important day-to-day tasks.
    As a regulatory obligation, each individual has to be informed about the details of the procedure before enrolment; and the same is documented with the help of informed consent. Once the person shows interest in alternative treatment for ALS or MND, he is counseled by our neuro specialists on the panel to understand his medical history, current health status, and his future expectations from the treatment. Once a patient gets to agree to undergo treatment with this novel approach, he or has to undergo certain pre-procedural tests to assess his/her inclusion criteria for the treatment. Once he gets qualified he will be ready for the alternative treatment protocol for MND. We have mastered the technology, wherein we use customized cellular communication language to promote the production of new cells and reduce the aging of mature brain cells. A person is also advised of various supportive rehabilitation programs as mentioned herewith.
    Our years of research and science as well as medical expertise have supported us to offer advanced technology that has reported good improvements in clinical studies. The statistical analysis conducted has shown a 70-80% improvement in the life expectancy of the patient, while 80-90% of the people have reported reduced severity of the symptomatic exhibition, post-treatment.
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